Here’s John Wick As A Playable NES Game! [VIDEO]

While John Wick is past his third movie (and while we’re waiting for an official game adaptation called John Wick Hex), we can also talk about a fan game that easily recreates the NES era, complete with 8-bit audiovisuals and difficulty to boot.

John Wick as an NES game is run-and-gun. So if you have played Contra before, you know what you have to do: always keep on moving and get rid of the enemies before they take you down quickly. Now, Mr Wick got the same treatment in fashion. MuriloDev, the game’s developer, slightly tricked us, as they took the assets from the fan-made 8-bit adaptation of the movie, but the idea is completely understandable, as multiple top comments said that it could work as an actual game, and that is what we have received.

You can download the game from here, and it’s not a significantly large title that needs other games to be uninstalled, as its zip weighs at 20 megabytes. Of course, we have to say in advance that this game is not easy whatsoever, so even if you grew up with run-and-gun games, you might see a few game overs that you could dodge by the easy difficulty, but you have balls, don’t you?

This game is a perfect build-up to John Wick Hex, which is going to combine XCOM’s strategic approach with Superhot’s I must kill everyone in time in style method. And since it’s a free game (that we hope will not be stricken down by a cease and desist order that Nintendo loves to abuse), why not give it a try. Oh, and John Wick features Keanu Reeves, one of the stars of E3 2019 – he is confirmed to be Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077.

Have fun!

Source: Forrás: PCGamer

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