It’s Official: The PlayStation 4 Is Above 100 Million!

Sony‘s recent fiscal quarter year report confirms that over one hundred million PlayStation 4s have been shipped!

By June 30 (as that is when the current fiscal year’s first quarter ended), the almost six years old PlayStation 4 and its two recent versions, the PlayStation 4 Slim and the PlayStation 4 Pro, have jumped the nine-digit barrier, but still, the PS4 family is only the sixth best-selling console of all time. (PlayStation 2: 155 million, Nintendo DS: 154.02 million, Game Boy + Game Boy Color: 118.69 million, PlayStation: 102.49 million, Nintendo Wii: 101.63 million.) 3.2 million PS4 units have been shipped this quarter, which is the same figure year-on-year. There is one change, though: initially, Sony predicted that 16 million PlayStation 4s will be shipped between the first day of April 2019 and the last day of March 2020. They have reduced this figure to 15 million.

A few other statistics: there are 36.2 million PlayStation Plus subscribers as of June 30, 2019 – it is up 2.3 million year-on-year. PlayStation 4 software sold 42.9 million units in this quarter, which is a 2.3 million year-on-year increase. 53 per cent of the sales were digital via the PlayStation Store, which is a significant increase from last year’s 43%.

One more thing: what the hell is the Swedish Media Markt doing? They made a pre-order page for the PlayStation 5, even though its launch is at least a year away. That’s not all – they priced it 9999 SEK, which is about 950 EUR or 1050 USD. That’s a little too much for a next-gen console, and, likely, Sony’s product will not be that expensive. At least Media Markt wasn’t stupid enough to list a release date out of nowhere for it.

Will the PlayStation 4 reach 120 million before the PlayStation 5 comes out?

Source: Gematsu, WCCFTech

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