A GreedFall video shows everything this promising action and the role-playing game offers [VIDEO]

GreedFall: the new game of The Technomancer’s authors goes on sale in September.

Last time we wrote about GreedFall, it was back in 2017. Now, the Spiders team has released a new gameplay video of its promising GreedFall that allows us to know in detail everything that this action-adventure and the RPG offers that is put on sale on PC, Xbox One and PS4 next September.

Players will be free to create and mould the special abilities of the hero of this RPG adventure, “either choosing to specialize or trying to be an SUV.” Depending on these choices, the way to resolve conflicts in GreedFall can vary significantly, either with greater importance of stealth or by prioritizing combat against any other alternative measure.

Developed by the team responsible for The Technomancer, your decisions will affect the game world and how its inhabitants see you. The GreedFall video also delves into combat options, which includes the tactical pause so you can prepare traps and other tricks in advance to surprise enemies.

Visually, GreedFall took cues from the Baroque art of the 17th century, but the RPG with the remote island will also concentrate on magic. The fight between the inhabitants and the settlers will become tense, although the former group is helped out by supernatural beings as well. It will be a sci-fi RPG, although with an art style taken from three hundred years ago.

The publisher is going to be Bigben, which makes sense: Spiders‘ almost all games were released by this company. The game will launch on PlayStation 4Xbox One, and PC.

Spiders last game, The Technomancer came out of the studio on PlayStation 4Xbox One, and PC in 2016, but it wasn’t a memorable title. Previously, they also did Of Orcs And Men, the X360 port of Gray Matter, and Mars: War Logs as well.

After announcing that BigBen buys Spiders, GreedFall is ready to open in stores around the world on September 10.

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