No Man’s Sky: Hello Games Is Considering A Nintendo Switch Port

Hello Games has done a major turnaround with its game in three years.

No Man’s Sky has had a lot of promises in late 2013 when it was announced at The Game Awards. A lot of things were missing in August 2016, when the game came out, but Sean Murray, the head of Hello Games, kept his head down and began pushing out big updates for the game – the newest one, dubbed Beyond, will launch on August 14 -, silencing the doubters, as all updates are free for the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, making Murray a reverse Todd Howard at this point. (Bethesda would have likely asked money for these updates as DLC.)

The game now has a cult following, so it’s not surprising to see the game being considered ported to the Nintendo Switch. Murray talked about this subject with GameInformer: „It’s super interesting. I love the Switch. We’re very focused on what we’re doing right now [that would be the Beyond update – the ed.], but we have done a lot of work for PSVR to optimize the game [as Beyond will bring in full VR support – the ed.]. So I’d be interested to see what’s possible. But at the moment, we’re just very focused on what we’re doing right now,” Murray said.

So Sean Murray doesn’t rule out a Nintendo Switch port for No Man’s Sky. More and more games show up on this platform – just two name two examples: The Witcher 3: Complete Edition, The Outer Worlds; both could be good benchmarks whether a port could be possible -, and seeing Murray’s recent work, we could trust him to come out with a Switch port in 2020. If they could pull the PlayStation VR version off, why not do a Switch one, too?

Source: DualShockers

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