Endless Space Collection And Conarium Are Free

Two more games can now be acquired fairly easily, Endless Space Collection and Conarium.

Let’s start with Endless Space Collection, which is a sci-fi 4X strategy game, and since it came out in 2012 on PC, maybe even a toaster could run it nowadays (if AXN about a decade ago had a toaster ident, why not?). The Collection contains the base game, as well as the Disharmony expansion (it adds a new faction, plus new units, invasion mechanics, AI improvements, an overhauled Ship Design interface, as well as other additions, tweaks, and bug fixes). This game is free on Humble Bundle until September 14, 10 AM Pacific. Make sure to activate your Steam key as soon as possible, as these freebies tend to get deactivated pretty quickly. You have to do the usual things: sign up at Humble Bundle and get the newsletter, but if you already get it, you can still get the game regardless.

The other freebie is Conarium, a horror-adventure with some Lovecraft inspiration, starting at an abandoned research facility near the South Pole. That’s not all: it turns out that you have died, and you „subtly changed, speaking of strange memories and strange places.” This game can be acquired via the Epic Games Store by either clicking here or adding it to your account via the Epic Games Store launcher. You’ll need an Epic Games account. This game is free until September 19, and we have no idea what the next game will be after it, as all we see on the EGS is „?” with a Batman icon. It might be a new EGS release, who knows? They might still be working on the financial details on what to give away.

Have fun.

Source: PCGamer, PCGamer

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