Is Grand Theft Auto III Getting A Nintendo Switch Port?

Take-Two isn’t doing some trickery with just Mafia (which we discussed recently) – something is also happening with Grand Theft Auto as well.

The Australian Classification Board has issued a rating for Grand Theft Auto III. You can immediately rule the PlayStation 4 out, as it has been available on the PS4 as a PS2 Classic for a while, which means the Australians did not rate the game over that version. In Australia, GTA III has a rough history – when it first launched in 2001 on the PS2 (thankfully, the console got this name – initially, there were other plans, we discuss this subject separately today…), the Aussies immediately banned the game, developed by DMA Design (soon to be Rockstar North then) from entering the country. After cutting mature content, it eventually received a 15+ rating there.

But back to the rating – it is likely going to be a new release, and since the PC and the PlayStation 4 is out of the question, plus seeing how the Xbox One doesn’t seem to be a realistic platform to push the game on, all that is left is the Nintendo Switch. It would be interesting – when it comes to the main 3D titles of the series, we haven’t seen any of them on a Nintendo platform! (A spin-off, Chinatown Wars, did show up on the DS, and the first two GTA games got a GBC port, plus there was Grand Theft Auto Advance on the GBA.) It’s an interesting idea, and since we already saw some PS2 games on the Switch (Devil May Cry 1-2 anyone?), it wouldn’t be a problem to port, plus it would net Rockstar and Take-Two some more cash with a handheld port of a 3D game not meant for a mobile platform.

Of course, nothing is confirmed yet.

Source: DualShockers

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