Remedy Would Be Great At Making An RPG, Control’s Dev Claims

Sergey Mohov, the senior game designer of Control, believes that the Northlight Engine (Remedy‘s proprietary engine) is developed enough to support more non-linear experiences.

„I would personally pick RPG [if I could pick the genre of my next game]. First of all, I’m a huge RPG fan. I grew up playing Baldur’s Gate, Planescape Torment, Arcanum, Fallout 2, Neverwinter Nights, and bring them up in design meetings regularly. But I also think that Remedy would be good at it. Think about it: we’re all about building detailed, weird worlds, populating them with compelling characters, and then telling a story through gameplay. It seems like an excellent starting point for an RPG game.

Northlight is an amazing engine when it comes to graphical capabilities. Control with RTX looks amazing and Northlight does it swimmingly – on the other hand, Northlight was made with linear, straightforward games in mind. Level loading, light baking, AI handling are awesome if the game is linear and the level designers know what and when it happens. It gets a bit more complicated in an open-environment game, where you don’t know where the player goes, what they see and what they do while they’re there. So we had to work around a lot of these ‘engine mores’ to get the game to a playable state. Of course, being an in-house engine, it evolves with the game and by the end of production we had a way better engine ready to support less linear experiences,” Mohov wrote on ResetEra in a Q&A session.

Think what a Remedy RPG could be, if it was written by Sam Lake (who is working on something new by now – we wrote about it; it could be the TV adaptation of Alan Wake, though). It would be outstanding. It might happen in the next console generation.

Source: WCCFTech

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