Funcom, parents of Conan Exiles, will be bought by Tencent and will bet on the Dune video game

DuneTencent currently has just over 29% of the Norwegian company. The situation will change soon.

Funcom has confirmed by press release the intention of the Chinese giant Tencent to seize the company soon. As has been specified, there will be no changes in the administration, personnel and structure of the study that developed Conan Exiles, so the support for the different video games in which it operates, including Conan Exiles, Age of Conan or Secret World Legends, will continue to function normally.

The opportunity has been taken with enthusiasm in the Oslo studio. The team’s boss, Rui Cassai, has assured in the press release that “we have a great relationship with Tencent as our top shareholder and we are excited about the opportunity that presents itself. We will continue developing great games so that people from all over the world can play. We think Tencent’s support will take Funcom to another level. ”

The senior vice president of the Chinese firm, Steven Ma, also wanted to comment that “we are impressed with Funcom’s strengths as an open-world multiplayer game developer. Funcom has a strong track record in developing new titles with a long game life. We are pleased to go further in our relationship with Funcom and look forward to collaborating with them to offer more exciting and fun gaming experiences to fans around the world. ”

The administration of Funcom, very aware of what lies ahead with the Dune franchise in the coming years in theatres, has also specified its intention to be more ambitious with the development of Dune’s survival videogame inspired by the Frank Herbert saga. It was already promised in his day that it would be something “better than seen in Conan Exiles”, but not too many details have been revealed about the highly anticipated title.

Tencent’s last approach to Funcom dates from last September, at which time the Chinese giant completed the purchase of 29% of the firm’s shares.

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