Marvel’s Spider-Man Received A Script Book

With the 240-page Spider-Man book, we can learn the tricks and tips of narrative design.

Insomniac Games said last year that the script of Spidey’s PlayStation 4-exclusive adventures will be turned into a book. The lead writer is Jon Paquette (with help from Christos Gage and Benjamin Arfmann), and he told Vice that we don’t have much insight into how video game scripts are written: „I get asked all the time, usually from students, ‘What does a video game script look like?’ [They say] ‘I want to get my hands on one so I can learn what you guys do and how I can maybe become a game writer one day,’” he said. He guestimates that the writing team wrote nearly 800 thousand words for the game, and half of it ended up being used.

„I don’t believe a video game script has ever been compiled into a script book format such as this,” explains Eric Monacelli, the director of the production at Marvel Games. Bill Rosemann, the creative director and vice president, added: „We started talking about it. Is [publishing the script] possible? Can [it] be done? Then someone said, ‘That’s ever been done before.’ I said, ‘Well, great, we loved it [the script] at Marvel. Whatever hasn’t been done, let’s try it.’” (Fun fact: Marvel is also owned by Disney…)

According to a filing made with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Sony has paid 24,895 billion Japanese yen to acquire Insomniac Games. That is about 229 million dollars, paid mostly in cash. It doesn’t sound that much…

Officially, we don’t know what Insomniac Games is doing at the moment. We have heard rumours of the next Spider-Man game, and also that it could be done after the return to Ratchet & Clank, which could be even a PlayStation 5 launch title. (We wrote about both.) As Marvel’s Spider-Man sold at least 13.2 million copies, Spidey’s story will continue, that’s for sure.

Source: DualShockers, Gamesindustry

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