GameStop considers video games “essential” and urges not to close stores due to coronavirus

GameStop – An irresponsible claim and decision that has been criticized by its workers in the United States.

The steps being taken in the United States because of the coronavirus are forcing many stores to close for the safety of all employees and customers. However, it seems that in GameStop its workers do not prevail , and since the signing, as has been known thanks to a statement shared by Kotaku, it is urged not to close stores during the pandemic . Why? According to the company, its stores are “essential retailers” during the crisis.

What motivates the company to make an affirmation that would place video games at the level of pharmacies or grocery stores at such a delicate moment? As the firm shares, and “because of the products we carry that enable and enhance our customers’ experience at work and at home, we believe GameStop is classified as an essential retailer and therefore can remain open during this time.”

The managers of the various stores are informed that “we have received reports from local authorities visiting stores in an attempt to force closure despite our classification. Store managers are allowed to provide the document linked below to the police as needed. “The only measure taken at the moment? Reduce hours of work, suspension of events, and buy-sell second-hand games by less, until March 29.

The company has posted a statement on its official Twitter account stating that they are “working diligently during this unprecedented time to provide our customers and associates with the safest possible environment.” The response from users on Twitter was quick, showing their rejection of the measures and urging the company to make the most consistent decision for the good of its workers and customers.

The financial situation that GameStop lives before the arrival of the coronavirus does not escape anyone . The decision of their leaders seems to be protected by the exceptional nature of their economic needs , but does not justify the measure taken under any circumstances . It is likely that in the next few hours they will be forced to close in the United States. The news comes a few days after the signing of Reggie Fils-Aime as the new GameStop live.

Source: IGN

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