PlayStation 3 Messages: Sony’s Older Console Bids Farewell To A Big Function

The console, which is slowly turning fourteen years old, is going to have its abilities somewhat cut back shortly with the PlayStation 3 messages gone.

The PlayStation 3 was an interesting machine, and it wasn’t easy to develop for (mainly due to the complex Cell processor). Still, it was decent hardware, which then later made it possible to send messages to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita users. So the PlayStation 3 messages function will be put in the grave shortly.

The Japanese website of PlayStation reveals that from June 30, the PlayStation 3 users can only send messages to each other. Don’t even try to do it from or to newer machines, as it is not going to work. So the PS3, which we can now call a dead platform (unfortunately, it also applies to the PlayStation Vita), is going to be left on its own shortly, but it was about time it happened. Don’t forget that the PlayStation 4 is also ageing: the PS4 will turn seven years old this year, and unlike its dad, it only got one redesign (the PlayStation 3 had both a Slim and a Super Slim version, while the PlayStation 4 only saw a Slim version – the PlayStation 4 Pro doesn’t count, it is a different story).

The manufacturing of the PlayStation 3 in Japan ended on May 29, 2017, so Sony still stuck by its messaging function for three years, and it’s likely being cut down due to saving costs (and it’s possible that not many people used it by this point). The console sold strongly, though – according to 2017 data, 87.4 million units were sold. It still had a strong point: it had complete backward compatibility. The first PS3 models both supported PS1 and PS2 games; the Slim version got rid of PlayStation 2 support. (It’s still native support of three generations, which can’t be said of the PlayStation 4 or the PlayStation 5).

So if you message others on PlayStation 3, you have to stop doing that shortly, unless you send your messages to other PS3 users via the PlayStation Network.

Source: PSU

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