Godfall: No PlayStation 4 Version

The May issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine has new details about Godfall.

This game is being developed by Counterplay Games, with Gearbox as its publisher. We read on PSL that this game is going to have five distinct elemental realms, namely Earth, Air, Water, Spirit, and Fire. Godfall has also taken inspiration from Monster Hunter (unsurprisingly: Monster Hunter: World is a cash cow for Capcom), but the Souls series has also been inspiring the team. There will be duels, and the counterattacks and the heavy attacks (plus their respective timing) will be important.

The game’s visual style was inspired by Isaac Asimov’s Foundation (possibly the whole series, not just the first novel), as well as his First Law, plus Brandon Sanderson’s The Stormlight Archive series. The gameplay will reward an aggressive playstyle – to achieve the biggest damage, you have to perfectly time all your moves in your attack. Destiny’s style will also be making an appearance, and for a good reason: a few people from Destiny 2 is working on Godfall, so there could be a potential co-op experience in the game. The class will depend on Valorplates, the name for armour in Godfall. Players will find new armour as they progress.

Godfall considers the PlayStation 5 as its primary platform. There are no plans for a PlayStation 4 version (which TeamKill Media will do for Quantum Error, as we mentioned recently), as Godfall was „genuinely tailored to run only on Sony’s new console.” The dev team also takes advantage of next-gen graphical features, such as ray tracing. The game will get a PC version, but it will be available on the Epic Games Store. As Borderlands 3 also picked Tim Sweeney’s digital game store, we’re not surprised that Gearbox – as the publisher – pushes Counterplay Games towards the EGS.

Godfall is planned to arrive late this year. However, the COVID-19 might be changing plans, although the game is possibly one of the PlayStation 5 launch titles.

Source: PSL

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