Marvel’s Spider-Man: It Ran On An Early, „Slow” PlayStation 5 Devkit [VIDEO]

The previous Spider-Man presentation didn’t necessarily show what the PlayStation 5 could do.

We haven’t seen any gameplay running on the new Sony console (regardless which game we’re talking abouz) – the developers who already showed their games planned to arrive on the PlayStation 5 showed PC footage, and that doesn’t give us any idea what the console could show. However, last year, there was a Marvel’s Spider-Man tech demo with a PlayStation 5 speed focus. Here, Sony compared the PS5’s loading speed with the PlayStation 4 Pro’s. Here’s the video in case you forgot about it below.

On Reddit, something logical was found. Wired was the first site that talked about Sony’s console that wasn’t called PlayStation 5 yet at that point (it had no announced name). They published their first official details in April. However, Sony’s tech demo was in may, so we can say that the PlayStation 5’s devkit was far from the final one, and its speed was low. The platform didn’t show the full capabilities of the new console (but with this tech demo, they sneakily hinted at the PlayStation 4 backwards compatibility, which isn’t as much as what the Xbox Series X will bring to the table…)

„To demonstrate, Cerny fires up a PlayStation 4 Pro playing Spider-Man, a 2018 PlayStation 4-exclusive that he worked on alongside Insomniac Games. (He’s not just an systems architect; Cerny created arcade classic Marble Madness when he was all of 19 and was heavily involved with PlayStation and PS2 franchises like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, and Ratchet and Clank.) On the TV, Spidey stands in a small plaza. Cerny presses a button on the controller, initiating a fast-travel interstitial screen. When Spidey reappears in a different spot in Manhattan, 15 seconds have elapsed. Then Cerny does the same thing on a next-gen devkit connected to a different TV. (The devkit, an early “low-speed” version, is concealed in a big silver tower, with no visible componentry.) What took 15 seconds now takes less than one: 0.8 seconds, to be exact,” Wired wrote.

The PlayStation 5’s final version might be even faster than the devkit, so the loading time could drop as low as half a second. We’ll see this Holiday season, as that’s when the console should arrive.

Source: PSU

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