DOOM Eternal Will Soon Set A Release Date For Switch

There will be no content cut in the DOOM Eternal hybrid Switch version, as in the 2016 installment.

DOOM Eternal has become on its own merits one of the best games of 2020. PC, PS4 and Xbox One users have already been able to immerse themselves in Doom Slayer’s latest adventure, while Nintendo Switch is still patiently waiting for news on their adaptation. There will be no need to wait much longer.


Speaking to Gamereactor at Gamelab Live 2020, producer Marty Stratton commented on the development of this version of the great FPS and the content that awaits us in it.

“We will talk about the release date very soon,” says the creative.

“We haven’t announced it yet, and I can’t do it now. It has come a long way though. Panic Button, the studio we work with, is a master of the platform, as I said … I think it will be exactly as good as DOOM (2016) and I really want people to get hold of it. “


Stratton continues, explaining that the previous installment was “an experiment” for the hybrid console. “That kind of game, its mature nature, and the first-person shooter [genre], how does it going to be played? It was fantastic on the platform, so I think we’ll take another step with DOOM Eternal because it’s already established itself as something that works on Switch, and it’s a great and fantastic game. We’re not going to discount anything. People can expect the full experience.”

As a reminder, the previous one did not cut any content either, but the fluidity and resolution of the program did suffer considerably.


Source: 3DJuegos

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