Phil Spencer: Console Wars Will Not Help

The head of Xbox believes that nobody will benefit from console manufacturers trying to defeat each other on stage.

If you think console wars, you’d likely think of the 90s, where the SNES and the SEGA Genesis were back and forth between the two manufacturers (Nintendo and SEGA, respectively). This is a scenario that Spencer wants to avoid: „This idea that for the industry to grow, some companies must succeed and others must fail – it doesn’t help gaming reach the potential it should. We should be driven to help gaming as an industry grow, for creators to take the biggest risks they can.

When a great game comes out, we should applaud it, whether it’s for PC, or PlayStation or on a Switch. We should focus on this industry that we love and see it continue to grow. And we should protect it from the issues that it does have. If we’re going to spend energy, let’s go spend it on those things, not ‘my piece of plastic is better than your piece of plastic.’ I don’t think that’s a productive conversation,” Spencer told The Washington Post.

In a different interview with Jeuxvideo, he talked about how Microsoft tries to get the trust of the Japanese game developers: „Our Xbox team in Japan is working very hard to build relationships. We know players around the world are clamouring for amazing games from some of the best creators on the planet. We also know many of those are Japanese developers. We want to be a platform of choice for these games. I am proud of our progress over the past four or five years. At E3, we’ve had a strong presence of Japanese games on stage.

We know that we are not a Japanese platform company, we know that we must work to rebuild a climate of trust with Japanese designers. We believe that will happen over time, continuing to listen to what they need to reach a large audience around the world. I’m proud of what we’re going to show on July 23, I like our roadmap for working directly with Japanese creators to build great Xbox games, you will hear more about that in the future. We know it’s vitally important in our strategy to make sure we have compelling Japanese developers, and that they know Xbox is a platform they can be successful on,” Spencer said.

However, the Japanese players will likely pick the PlayStation or the PC over the Xbox brand, not to mention the Nintendo Switch. They might prefer local products, which is why the Xbox consoles haven’t had much success in the Asian country.

The Xbox Game Showcase will start on July 23 at 4 PM UTC. They might announce the acquisition of a Japanese studio here.

Source: PSL, WCCFTech

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