Halo Infinite: Experimental Multiplayer With Dynamic Systems?

343 Industries‘ next game (which could make or break the next Xbox’ success) is already leaking.

„I do think people will pretty fast realize that nothing is absolute in [Halo Infinite]. The game will likely have the biggest player base a Halo game ever had, there is a lot of room for experiments and many playlist options, they are building systems to dynamically change/balance stuff and allow a diverse set of different multiplayer and Arena experiences, even more so when looking at the ridiculous options Forge will bring,” Klobrille, a reliable Xbox insider, wrote on the ResetEra forums. Of course, it will have more players: the gaming industry keeps growing, so there are more sales for the IPs, and thus, more people will play multiplayer as well.

Forge has been confirmed last year by 343 Industries. „While this may not seem like huge news to some, it means the ability to create worlds to others. And yes, Undo/redo buttons deserve to be a bullet point here as well. These have probably been the most requested feature since the launch of Forge in Halo 3, back in 2007, and we’re excited to finally be able to deliver this to fans in Halo Infinite,” lead Forge designer Michael Schorr said during a community-hosted Forge panel.

Klobrille also said that the grappling hook will be in Halo Infinite but not as a previous leak said it would be: „The leak is still fake. [The] grappling hook is in as to my limited knowledge, but it’s more like an equipment pick-up similar to Halo 3. No idea how that is included in the campaign. Halo Infinite Arena is all about going back to classic map control gameplay (power weapons and power-ups). There are a lot of cool map power-ups to complement the sandbox. Grapple hook, thrust or classics like overshield. All this is very dynamic and might vary heavily based on playlist etc., of course. But more on all that at a later date,” he wrote.

Halo Infinite’s gameplay will be seen on the Xbox Games Showcase tomorrow. The game will launch this Holiday season (in November?) on Xbox Series X (as a launch title), Xbox One, and PC.

Source: WCCFTech, WCCFTech

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