FIFA 21 – First Gameplay And PS5 / XSX Details [VIDEO]

EA is back on the sports field with the best football game, FIFA 21, improving a lot on dribbling, animations and passes.


On October 6, FIFA 21 will debut and although there have already been some trailers, up to this point, little was known about the game itself. This afternoon, Electronic Arts left the seal behind by releasing a new teaser with a detailed look at the playable enhancements the sports title will include this year, including a new dribbling system, improved defense AI, new movement system, and the function to rewind the game during Initial Kick time and more.

In parallel with the video, EA published a document with the full list of changes, which will apply to both generations, but reserving the full look at the Xbox Series X and PS5 versions for another time.

„We are not discussing the versions for PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X”

“As you will see below, there are many features to review in FIFA 21. Based on feedback from the community, we want to offer as much context as possible. Please note that we are not discussing versions for the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series. X in this article, and more updates on them will follow, later this year. However, all the updates in this article will be present on both generations of consoles,” Electronic Arts explained.


The most important adjustments and news are as follows:


  • New attributes will be taken into account to better reflect the personality of each player when executing different actions.
  • Agile dribbles with R1 / RB and the left stick and automated contextual dribbles
  • Creative careers that will allow you to control players without the ball
  • Offensive and defensive positioning improvements that will allow AI to find or close spaces more efficiently
  • Natural collision system to avoid instances of chaotic collisions
  • Introduction of manual pitching and reduction of head goals to give more importance to skill
  • Improved shoulder-to-shoulder sweep and ball game system
  • Improved pass system with new trajectories and fine tuning to better diagnose where a certain pass is sent
  • Smoother animations that take into account the personality of the players
  • New optional automation features encompassing luxury passes, automated clearance, automated shooting, automated contextual dribbles, assisted head shots, center assist, directed run indicator
  • Reduced celebration times, reduced waiting time for various game instances such as punts, serves, penalties, free throws and others.
  • Option to rewind up to 30 seconds in Initial Kick mode only.


As Electronic Arts well recognizes, the big question is what the new generation version of the game looks like, the same of which could be seen brief moments in a preview focused on the publisher’s promises for the future. The official website of EA Sports anticipates haptic improvements based on the new features of the DualSense, quicker loading times, lighting and rendering deferred bodies of players reimagined, humanizing details, contextual reactions of players, banking and fans, among others.

Source: 3DJuegos

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