A Mod Had To Fix Horizon: Zero Dawn Problems On PC

Kaldaien, the modder, has already fixed other games, now he’s making the PC version of Guerrilla GamesHorizon: Zero Dawn playable.


Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition came out a few days ago for PC, but some users have been reporting different graphical glitches. Also, Digital Foundry noted that “the port was disappointing.” Now it seems there is a solution to the problems, thanks to a modder named Kaldaien, who has put out a mod that improves fps and eliminates stuttering.

Kaldaien is famous in the PC community for his Special K mod. This mod supports many video games and is dedicated to improving your computer performance. Now, the modder has released a version that includes Horizon: Zero Dawn. This is interesting, because many players complained, in particular, of stuttering, something really uncomfortable when playing.

Many players have complained of stuttering

On his website, the modder has published a post explaining the steps to follow to make Horizon look better on PC. It is always curious when it is the community that has to come to the rescue when a game does not go on the market in the best possible way, although since it has been on sale for so few days, we can still wait for official solutions.

Horizon: Zero Dawn takes up 20 gigabytes more on PC than it did on PlayStation 4, thanks to the graphical improvements that Guerrilla Games has brought with the PC version. These are briefly as follows:


  • AMD Radeon FreeSync Premium Pro – Gamers on any hardware can enjoy breathtaking gaming experiences with AMD’s leading adaptive sync technology, offering stutter- and tear-free gaming with stunning HDR rendering.
  • AMD FidelityFX SPD – Optimized for RDNA architecture, SPD utilizes asynchronous compute to accelerate texture mapping for more efficient post-processing, driving effects like bloom and screen space reflections faster without sacrificing framerates.
  • AMD TressFX – A true-to-life hair physics system taking high visual fidelity to a new level, enabling incredible photo-realistic hair effects with Radeon graphics cards – so much so, you may forget there’s even a screen in front of you.
  • Asynchronous Compute – GPU multi-threading allowing Radeon GPUs to execute multiple tasks simultaneously, enabling graphics and visual effects workloads to be distributed efficiently for faster framerates and higher visual fidelity.


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Source: 3DJuegos, WCCFTech

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