Will Final Fantasy XVI Have A Procedurally Generated Open World? [VIDEO]

Luminous Engine’s new presentation introduces the procedural generation (something seen in No Man’s Sky – its dev team, Hello Games, showed up in the news earlier today, teasing their next title).

Luminous Productions is participating in the Japanese equivalent of GDC (Game Developers Conference), called CEDEC 2020, or Computer Entertainment Developers Conference 2020 if you will.

„Placing a vast world map by hand has already reached its limit. LUMINOUS ENGINE has developed a system that uses node-based tools to describe rules and automatically arrange plants, houses, rivers, gimmicks, etc. with meaning. Tool design philosophy, optimization techniques for calculating vast areas in real-time. By what kind of calculation do you finally decide the location? We will share the technology-filled with the know-how of each artist and engineer,” their presentation’s overview says.

Project Athia (working title) is the first game from Square Enix’s newly established studio, Luminous Productions, an other-worldly adventure in development for the PlayStation 5 and PC. Designed for PlayStation 5, Project Athia will harness the full power of the console and demonstrates Luminous Productions’ philosophy to provide a gaming experience like never before, fusing the latest technology with art. Project Athia will transport players to a world filled with beauty and dismay as they set upon a thrilling story-led, action-packed adventure which can be twisted, tempestuous and forbidding. Project Athia is being developed simultaneously for PS5 and PC,” Square Enix’ overview says about Project Athia, which was announced in June.

It’s not difficult to believe that Luminous Productions is simply covering its tracks by not calling Project Athia as Final Fantasy XVI, even though this game has been rumoured recently… and we still believe that Square Enix is just hiding Final Fantasy’s next chapter under this codename in front of us. Time will tell if we are right or not.

Source: WCCFTech

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