UFC 4: EA Withdraws Ads Smuggled Into Playbacks

EA has been widely criticized for packing UFC 4 with commercials without prior notice. The players win: the publisher takes them out.


A few days ago, players of EA’s new fighting game, UFC 4, warned that commercials had been introduced into the title without warning. These completely covered the screen in the repetitions for a small period of time, in addition to being shown in the rings. This ad belonged to The Boys series, from Amazon Prime Video, as shared by a user on Reddit.

UFC 4 users were quick to set the forums and social media on fire, criticizing EA’s decision to include intrusive advertising in a video game they had paid for at full price. Some players even hinted that the creators of FIFA had introduced these announcements long after the game came out so that this fact would not appear in the reviews.

It is very clear that the integration of ads in the playback and overlay experience is not welcome” – EA

After the controversy, EA has withdrawn the announcements of the game and has released a statement explaining what happened, as reported by Eurogamer. In the said letter, sent to that web portal, EA has stated that “this type of advertising inventory is not new in the UFC franchise, although we have normally reserved the display of ads in specific tiles of the main menu or in the location of the logo of the octagon“.

The American developer has understood the public discomfort: “It is very clear that the integration of ads in the playback and overlay experience is not welcome. The team has disabled the ads and we apologize for any interruption of the game that players may have experienced.“.

Finally, EA has acknowledged that it should have communicated, at least, the introduction of this advertisement. In addition, he insisted that “the integration of ads in the playback and overlay experience will not appear again in the future.

Source: 3DJuegos

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