The Next-Gen Consoles Will Be Huge, Here’s A Comparison

When we say that you’re going to need a lot of space for the new machines, we’re not joking!

We found a size comparison on Twitter that shows via several images how the PlayStation 5 (and it doesn’t matter which edition we’re talking about, as the omission of the Blu-ray drive doesn’t make much of a difference) and the Xbox Series X are much bigger than the Nintendo Switch if we put them in our living room.

The PlayStation 5 is placed next to a Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series X, an Xbox Series S, a 30″ TV, and a regular PlayStation 4. The difference is easy to see, thanks to the fine work of this Japanese 3D modeller and illustrator. He perfectly captured the size differences between the current machines and the new ones, and you have to prepare space for them (because it’s not the best ide to see them tilt off the table onto the ground, breaking in the process, doesn’t it?). Sony’s next-gen console is much taller than the competition (which is why a modern highrise building look fits the PS5), and it’s almost the size of the television. Yes: this console is huge.

The reasoning behind it is the cooling system. Matt MacLaurin, the vice president of UX Design at PlayStation, has previously explained (and we wrote about it) how the PlayStation 5 runs hot. Thus, it needs space to adequately vent the heat it generates. The PlayStation 5 is approximately 390mm tall, 260mm deep, and 104mm wide (the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is only 12mm slimmer – that doesn’t make much of a difference, does it?).

The Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X will launch on November 10 (for 299/499 USD/EUR), followed by the PlayStation 5 Standard Edition and the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition on November 12 (399/499 USD/EUR) in North America and on November 19 in Europe, respectively.

Source: VG247

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