Is The Nintendo Switch’ Battery Also Troublesome?

On top of the Joy-Con controllers, it looks like another component of the Nintendo Switch could be problematic… and even Nintendo itself mentions the issue!

Yesterday, we already discussed the new details regarding the class action lawsuit happening in the United States over the Joy-Con controllers’ drifting (and the law firm behind it pushed it so far ahead that they are now looking for video evidence about the issue on hand!), but now, we have another issue to discuss – the battery in the Nintendo Switch might be broken in a few years.

Nintendo’s Japanese Twitter account says that the built-in battery of the Nintendo Switch might not be chargeable if not used for a longer period, adding that we should charge it at least once every six months. It could be a problem for those who bought a limited edition Nintendo Switch to keep it unused because let’s say, they like the design. It might also be an issue for those who bought two Switches and keep one as a backup in the drawer in case their first handheld breaks.

The PlayStation Portable (or, as we all call it, the PSP) also has an issue with its battery. In some cases, it might end up growing a bit, and the fat battery not only looks not-so-aesthetic, but it might also be dangerous to be kept in the handheld, because who knows what could happen if you keep using this battery?

The Nintendo Switch is performing well: it continues to outsell its competitors, but then again, Sony and Microsoft are about to launch their next-gen products (PlayStation 5 Standard Edition, PlayStation 5 Digital Edition; Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S). The Switch’ online subscription service, Nintendo Switch Online, is also doing nicely: almost every second customer is subscribed to the service with the 26 million subscribers.

This is how much Animal Crossing: New Horizons matters – the game launched on March 20, and it quickly became a killer app (selling several millions of copies since its launch), and it’s best played online…

Source: DualShockers

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