The PlayStation 5 Is Silent And Fast, According To First Impressions [VIDEO]

The Japanese official previews/first impressions are here, allowing us to have a bit more insight into Sony‘s next-gen machine.

Sony allowed several Japanese journalists and YouTubers to spend some time with the PlayStation 5, and the embargo for the videos ended yesterday. The consensus seems to be that the PlayStation 5 is a quiet console, which – in a few cases – didn’t even get noticed, even though its fan was running. We have yet to see if it stays as such after a few years – even a PC can be as loud as a hairdryer after some years.

The SSD of the PlayStation 5 is fast, and Astro’s Playroom (which is going to be pre-installed on every PlayStation 5 and is reported to take less than three GB of space) and Godfall (which, according to Counterplay Games, is not a service game, yet it has been confirmed to require a constant Internet connection on both PlayStation 5 and PC, meaning it IS a service game!) are also loading fast. The previews said that in Godfall, the DualSense controller provided different haptic feedback depending on the melee weapon used, plus it was directional (for example, if you hold a shield in your left hand and it gets hit, you will feel it on the left side of the controller).

Sony also gave up on a twenty-five-year-old tradition: in Japan, until now, system/game interfaces tended to use the circle button for confirmation. This got dropped with the PlayStation 5, as it now used the Western button layout, asking for the X button to be pressed. Sony is Westernised.

The PlayStation 5 Standard Edition (500 USD/EUR) and the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition (400 USD/EUR; no Ultra HD Blu-ray drive) will launch on November 12 (North America) or November 19 (Europe), depending on the region.

Source: WCCFTech

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