Slower Loading Times On PlayStation 5 Than On Xbox Series X? [VIDEO]

Currently, it seems Sony‘s next-gen console is slower than Microsoft‘s.

GameSpot compared the loading times of several multiplatform titles on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, including Final Fantasy XV, Destiny 2, Monster Hunter World, Batman: Arkham Knight, and Red Dead Redemption 2. The only case where the PlayStation 5 was faster than the Xbox Series X was Red Dead Redemption 2 (while loading a save from the menu to the actual game). In every other test, including Red Dead Redemption 2 from boot to the menu, the Xbox Series X was faster (Monster Hunter World had the new Xbox faster by over eight seconds in booting and by over seven in loading. respectively. Final Fantasy XV’s save loading took 15 seconds less, and booting required 6 less than on Sony’s console).

Greg Miller, an ex-IGN editor that since founded Kinda Funny Games, released a comparison video for Marvel’s Avengers, showing how much time is needed from the console’s dashboard to a save. On the Xbox Series X, 1:46.42 was required. 42 seconds later, the PlayStation 5 was done (2:28.48), and more than a minute after that, the PlayStation 4 Pro crossed the finish line (3:35.25).

However, if you noticed the games used, you might have noticed that we are talking about backwards compatibility here, so none of the titles was developed for the new consoles, which is why we have such differences, but it’s still weird because the PlayStation 5’s SSD has always been advertised as an ultra-high-speed solution, and yet, it is now lagging behind the Xbox Series X.

Then again, Microsoft is more experienced in having old software run the best on new hardware – they have the Windows operating systems, which can help them quite a lot…

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