Is Metal Gear Solid’s Remake In Development Now?

It looks like Konami and Sony are slowly getting closer to each other.

No, we are not talking about how the two companies have reportedly teamed up to create a PlayStation 5-exclusive Silent Hill soft reboot (which is allegedly being made by Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio), but how Solid Snake’s first PlayStation appearance (which happened now a good 22 years ago) is rumoured to get a brand new take.

This is where Bluepoint Games comes into the picture. They just released the PlayStation 5-exclusive Demon’s Souls remake (which was co-developed with SIE Japan Studio – the two teams have previously made the PS4-exclusive Shadow of the Colossus remake in 2018; perhaps Sony is serious about buying Bluepoint – we wrote about this before). Lance McDonald previously had the chance to play the game before its release (and we discussed his thoughts), but he had an interesting quote on Twitter: „not one, but two.”

It means that after Demon’s Souls, another remake could be in development. The rumours previously said that Bluepoint is either making a Demon’s Souls or a Metal Gear Solid remake. The former is now available. This is where Moore’s Law Is Dead’s Twitter steps in: „Great job with the Demon’s Souls remake. Can’t wait to play the next Solid game you guys are working on…”, the reliable industry insider said. And Geoff Keighley:, the creator of The Game Awards, also believes that Sony and Konami have teamed up.

So we hear Konami and Sony in the same sentence quite often nowadays, so something has to happen behind the scenes, right? No matter if it will be Silent Hill or Metal Gear Solid, we hope we won’t be disappointed. Let’s hope we don’t have to change controller ports. We’ll see eventually.

Source: Gamingbible

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