PlayStation 5: We Can Give It A PlayStation 2-Themed Look Shortly

The November-launched console can receive a bit of older look – however, you need to have a PlayStation 5 first, which isn’t that easy to do nowadays (and not just because of financial issues).

We previously talked about how on Reddit, someone redesigned a PlayStation 5 to look close to a PlayStation 2 (which, even to this day, is still the best-selling console of all time with its 156+ million units, and even the PlayStation 4 is about thirty million away from that result. Now, Gaming Bible reports that the 30th Anniversary PlayStation 5 can be shortly purchased via whattheefth and SUP3R5. However, we still have no clue what the 30th Anniversary thing is (possibly the Nintendo Play Station? its SuperDisx format was seen with a 1991 copyright date…).

The white faceplate will be replaced by a black faceplate. The PlayStation 5 logo will be replaced with a PlayStation 2-themed logo. The bottom corner will be a reflective blue 30th Anniversary sticker. On the DualSense controller, the touchpad and casing will be black. Its logo will also have a traditional PlayStation 2 theme, and the face buttons take on the familiar PlayStation colouring. Also, the D-Pad, Create and Options buttons will be plain black.

Whattheefth’s design became so popular that SUP3R5 picked up the idea to sell it: „We feel obligated to do this based on the unexpectedly positive response from everyone,” he said. However, only 500 controllers and 304 consoles will be made available, and by modifying existing components of the console rather than manufacturing the parts, SUP3R5 is hoping to avoid legal trouble.

The pre-orders will begin on January 5. The console will cost 649 dollars (presumable it applies to both the PlayStation 5 Standard Edition and the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition), while a DualSense controller will cost 99 dollars.

Source: PSL

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