PlayStation Plus: One Of The February Games Is Official

Sony has already hinted at one of the games that the PlayStation Plus subscribers can access for free.

Indeed: if you take a look at the PlayStation Blog, Sony already said in late October that one of its upcoming games will outright launch on the PlayStation Plus service (where it will be available for two months!). In other words, the game doesn’t have a proper launch but immediately become available for free for those who pay Sony for online multiplayer. We have seen such games before. A prime example of it would be Rocket League, which partially became a popular title due to the PS Plus launch. (It led to its studio being acquired by Epic Games.)

So Destruction AllStars will be the freebie in February for the PlayStation 5 owners. It’s a vehicular multiplayer combat game that we can define as a love child of Destruction Derby and Rocket League. It’s a wrecking fest, but not entirely in the usual format. (And we have previously seen PlayStation 5 freebies. Bugsnax is one of them, and the other one would be Maneater, but only its PS5 version is free!) It’s too early to guess about the PlayStation 4 duo (as Sony doesn’t tend to give just one PS4 game… it’s usually two, or sometimes three).

Let’s see what we wrote in late December: „The PlayStation 5 owners will get the open-world shark RPG (ShaRkPG?) called Maneater, while the PlayStation 4 users can acquire Shadow of the Tomb Raider (the third and final instalment of the Lara Croft’s origin story reboot trilogy), as well as Greedfall by Spiders. All three titles are available on the PlayStation 5 with the help of backwards compatibility, available for free until February 1 for the subscribers. Interestingly, Saudi Arabia does not get Maneater, and the Middle-East are also locked out of Greedfall (they get Assetto Corsa instead), plus Japan and South Korea get Mistover instead.”

Don’t forget about the PlayStation Plus Collection, with several PlayStation 4 games that get a resolution and performance boost most of the time on PlayStation 5 with the help of PS5 Game Boost. We’ll see the other free titles on January 27, when Sony announces them.

Source: PSU

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