Mass Effect: 3’s Ending Divided Developers; Andromeda Lacked The Budget

Two of the currently last Mass Effect games got more background details revealed.

„When I played the game, I was pretty OK with the ending, since I considered the whole of Mass Effect 3 to be the ending for the trilogy, but after I replayed it and realized that my decisions only really changed the colour of the explosions in the ending cutscene, I was pretty upset,” said Turner, a former writer, to The Gamer. He left BioWare before Mass Effect 3’s development was wrapped up.

„A good number of the Mass Effect team pushed back against the ending. I remember reading the story beats, getting upset because it felt like all the decisions I made no longer mattered. I sent an email off challenging the ending and received no reply. The Mass Effect team was run like a navy ship, with strict reporting lines, scopes of responsibility, and team leaders who had been there awaiting their turn for promotion for years and years. You followed orders and tried to not be too squeaky or uppity,” Patrick Moran (Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer’s senior gameplay designer – it will not be included in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition!) added.

Mass Effect: Andromeda was meant to be bigger than what it became (they initially planned ten new races). „Because the scope of Mass Effect was so incredibly massive, there was an inherent promise that you’d be getting a massive new experience with a ton of new things in Mass Effect Andromeda – new species, new lore, an entirely new galaxy at your fingertips, etc, but we were only given the budget for two new species, plus the Remnant,” aid writer Neil Pollner.

„One of the strengths of the original Mass Effect trilogy is that you can cosplay most of the alien characters – except the Hanar, although I wouldn’t underestimate the creativity of some cosplayers. The intention in Mass Effect Andromeda was to introduce new races that would still be in the realm of cosplay, which is probably why more crazy concepts were abandoned,” added design director Dorian Kieken.

These crazy concepts will likely never be seen: Chris Helper, a former writer, said that BioWare owns this property, and they will likely never use them, and talking about them without permission is not allowed…

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