Dinos Reborn: A Mix Between Dino Crisis And Monster Hunter: World? [VDEO]

An open-world survival title, but with dinosaurs instead of monsters – Dinos Reborn can be explained with this simple sentence.

We have to outright say that this game is an indie project by HardCodeWay, so don’t expect anything of Capcom’s calibre with the two IPs mentioned in the title. (You can see it in the video below: the animations feel subpar.) Still, the game will allow you to go to a prehistoric sci-fi world, where you need to navigate between being the prey and the hunter. The devs promise an engaging story, dynamic weather, crafting, and exploration.

Let’s see the official overview: „A horrible headache forces you to try and open your eyes. A bright light. The sound of pumping blood that you hear in your ears. The salty-sweet taste in your mouth indicating that you are injured. Confused and still in shock, you try to stand and remember what happened. Pieces of a rescue capsule cover the place. Right – there’s been a crash, but you survived and landed… Where, exactly? You shield your eyes from the blinding sun with your hand and take a look around. The place looks exotic and completely unfamiliar – a planet unknown to you, resembling prehistoric Earth.

Not only its looks but its sounds, as well – you hear them all around you, and… above you? You look up and see – a pterodactyl! You must be hallucinating. Calm down, take a deep breath, and try to remember your name. Nothing. Can you recall who you are or what you’re doing here? You can’t. All is cloudy and lost in a brain fog. Still, that’s the least of your many problems, as the most important thing right now is your survival. Only staying alive will allow you to uncover your identity and your purpose on this planet. Face dangers, turn yourself from prey to predator and discover all the mysteries of this place. Otherwise, you’ll be lost, and with you, a mission bigger than yourself,” HardCodeWay wrote.

Dinos Reborn, going by the comments under the video, is going to be a cross-gen title, so aside from Steam, it’ll launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One 2022.

Source: PSL

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