Not All PlayStation Vita Developers Were Informed About Sony’s Move!

It’s another twist in the story: after the closure of the PlayStation Store was officialized on Sony‘s currently last handheld, multiple devs began talking.

Yesterday, we talked about how the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation Vita, and the PlayStation Portable will see their respective PlayStation Store close in the summer. The PS Vita has become an underground development haven, and Sony didn’t even think about it: several developers weren’t informed about the death of the Vita’s PS Store, causing them to cancel their games for it (because if they are done too late, they can’t release them…).

According to Waypoint reporter Patrick Klepek, Sony’s memo about the closure confirmed that they could still release games and other content on those platforms before they were shut down. But yesterday, we heard about the cross-buy loophole. Game codes could also still be redeemed after the store had closed, but the devs are not allowed to SELL codes! And the PlayStation Vita’s cartridges haven’t been manufactured since 2018, yet the PS3 still gets Blu-ray discs manufactured.

A few devs thus have to cancel their plans for the PlayStation Vita. Lillymo Games (the team behind Twin Breaker, Habroxia, and Perils of Baking) told us that they learned about the scenario the same time we did. Thus, their next game is cancelled for the Vita because they won’t be ready in time with it. Therefore Habroxia 2 will be their final Vita release. The Domaginarium (The Dreamlands: Aisling’s Quest, Color Slayer) is also having to cancel games. Two of their upcoming dungeon crawlers are 50+% done, and they are working hard to get them certified by late July, early August so they can be released for the PlayStation Vita. But everything else got shafted. They also confirmed that developers will no longer be able to patch their games after August, meaning there will no longer be any active support for any PlayStation Vita games!

Sony is screwing over indie developers, including some that will have only four months on market with their PlayStation Vita games (such as Scourgebringer, or the next Tikipod game, touted to be their biggest PS Vita title).

Source: PSL

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