Apple Vs. Epic Games: The CEOs Will Also Testify At The Trial

Tim Cook and Tim Sweeney will both stand in front of the judge as part of the antitrust trial between the two companies in the United States; it will begin on May 3 and is set to continue in the three weeks after.

In the trial, both companies will provide witnesses, and the two CEOs themselves may also take the stand. The list of witnesses includes executives from Microsoft, Facebook, Nvidia, and Match Group, according to Law360. Cook’s examination is likely to take around two hours, while the court investigates Apple‘s corporate values and app store competitors. But Sweeney’s situation needs a new paragraph.

The head of Epic Games might be spending no less than eight hours on the stand, and he is expected to testify on Epic Games’ history, business model, relationship with Samsung, as well as previous discussions with Google and Apple. So anyone who attends the court should likely prepare with sleeping bags and cold food for the day…

Apple’s executives who are set to testify include Eddy Cue (Apple senior vice president of internet software and services), Eric Gray (director of Apple’s commerce and pricing for Apple services), and Craig Federighi (he oversees the development of Apple iOS and macOS operating systems). From Epic Games, we will see Daniel Vogel (chief operating officer), Steve Allison (Epic Games Store general manager), and Andrew Grant (engineering fellow who handles the enforcement of platform rules and anti-cheat measures).

Whatever the outcome will be, it will likely change the route of the gaming industry. If Epic Games wins, then Sweeney’s dream about the metaverse that we discussed the other day, could be a reality, but if Apple wins, Sweeney’s fears of a lost decade due to war between platform holders could be a thing.

Source: Gamesindustry

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