Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown: A Cross-Gen Return Of The Test Drive IP [VIDEO]

Nacon wasn’t joking when it said during its WRC 9 eSport season overview that they are doubling down on the racing game genre.

So Test Drive, or more precisely Test Drive Unlimited is getting a new instalment. Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown didn’t have many of its details revealed yet, but we already know that its developers are none other than KT Racing, also known as Kylotonn (who are also responsible for the WRC titles). The game is being made for almost everything except for the washing machine, the toaster, and the iOS/Android duo.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is in development for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The head-to-head teaser trailer promises more information in July. Until then, all we know that the game will include „dream cars, customization, avatars, competition open world, casino, and style” that remains faithful to the franchise while adding „a wide range of new touches.” Bold promises by KT Racing.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 was released in February 2011 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. It was published by Atari, and developed by Eden Games (who also developed the first game, except its PS2 and PSP ports, as those were done by Atari Melbourne House). The two Unlimited games promised a big island (O’ahu) to discover with all its car salons, racing opportunities, and a proper open world, given the technology available at the time.

Seeing the new technology, we wonder what Kylotonn can put together. However, keep in mind that older consoles are also receiving a port. Let’s hope that Kylotonn is focusing on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC first, and only then scale it down for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, then take that and cut it back even more for the Nintendo Switch. The release date is not announced yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it drops by early 2022.

Source: Gematsu

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