Final Fantasy Origin: A Souls-like Game By Team Ninja?

We’re learning about the timed PlayStation 5-exclusive game piece by piece before it’s even getting announced by Square Enix and Sony.

Last week, we discussed a rumour that claimed the PlayStation 5 is going to get a timed exclusive Final Fantasy game and that it’s not Final Fantasy XVI. Now, more details leaked to the public: according to what we heard, it’s going to be called Final Fantasy Origin, and it’s not going to be in the mainline series; instead, it will be a spin-off (and since there are a lot in Final Fantasy, it makes sense).

However, the surprising fact that the devs behind Final Fantasy Origin are rumoured to be Team Ninja. The gameplay would be similar to Nioh (a series helmed by this team no less) and the Souls series by FromSoftware. For Team Ninja, Final Fantasy is not a foreign IP, as they have already developed Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia (2017, Android/iOS) and Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (2018, PlayStation 4/PC).

According to Fanbyte, after the PlayStation 5 exclusivity window (which could be as much as a year, see Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 1) ends, the game will launch on PC as well, and it’d be following the same route Dissidia Final Fantasy NT did then. According to Square Enix, there might be an alpha demo this summer (allegedly called Stranger in Paradise), which is a technique that worked well for Team Ninja with Nioh; the demo’s feedback would be incorporated into the final product. Final Fantasy Origin‘s name is intentional: it is supposedly related to the evens of the first Final Fantasy game. However, the game would be aimed at more of a mainstream audience (thus, it wouldn’t be as difficult as Nioh).

It’s not official yet, but since Square Enix will participate in the digital E3, we might hear an official announcement shortly.

Source: VG247

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