Is Alien: Isolation’s Dev Team Hinting At A Sequel?

Creative Assembly might be either playing with us (we can’t rule it out), or history might repeat itself.

The image below is from Twitter, with a job offer by Creative Assembly: „Do you want to challenge yourself and make your mark on something radically different in the FPS space? If (like us) you want to offer players an experience that feels fresh, fun and exciting, check out our job openings.”

Let’s take a look at the image, as it has quite a lot of SEGA references. In the background, in the space (which may or may not be the final frontier, if we believe Star Trek), we see Sonic floating (he may survive it, though, if he has rings… lol), then we see a SEGA logo, and next to it, there are a few bananas, which could be hinting at Super Monkey Ball. On the wall, there’s a Virtua Racing photo, the spray-painted cassettes might be hinting at Jet Set Radio, the toilet rolls could be interpreted as a Yakuza reference, and the inflatable rubber ring can be a hint at ToeJam & Earl. That’s a lot, isn’t it? They are either playing with us, or they confirmed that they are making a sequel which isn’t going to be a strategy game (as they are mostly known for Total War).

A month ago, when a rumour popped up regarding Alien: Isolation 2, we wrote the following: „SEGA published Alien: Isolation in 2014 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC with brilliant results, as well as on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 with less than stellar performance. (There was also a Nintendo Switch port in December 2019, and it was alright.) Creative Assembly has since moved on, and Disney has acquired 20th Century Fox, meaning the Alien IP is now in their hands. However, the devs behind Total War is not going to come back to this game…”

Looks like we might be eating that humble pie shortly.

Source: PSU


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