Will Grand Theft Auto VI Be Set In Rio De Janeiro?

There is a possibility that Grand Theft Auto’s newest instalment is going to feature a South American location.

Grand Theft Auto is a series that has become a mainstream thing especially after GTA: San Andreas. Since then, its performance has elevated even higher (mostly due to the constant growth of the gaming industry), and Grand Theft Auto V has continued the trend (this is the first game in the series that will be on three separate console generations, and we recently mentioned when the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series ports will launch), but after a while, Rockstar Games has to move from five to six…

On Reddit, two images surfaced that are related to the Project America leak. If Grand Theft Auto VI does indeed focus on South America, then it could be a good idea to inspect the image and then compare it with the real-world equivalent. According to the post, there are too many similarities with Rio de Janeiro, a well-known Brazilian city known for its carnival for instance.

So the first image’s colour-coded areas can be found on Google Maps. According to the post, the red region could be Possibly Cristo Redentor, the blue area has a similar lagoon to Rodrigo de Freitas, the purple location could be the Ipanema beach, while the yellow one is likely the Leblon beach. The orange place could be Favelas, pink might be the main beach, Copacabana, and the black region might be the Santos Dumont airport.

The post adds, „I could be tripping, but as we don’t know shit about the game and considering this recent leak to be real, I guess it makes sense because we had this rumours about missions in South America and maybe Rockstar thought that Brazil with a Rio de Janeiro island would be cool.”

Keep in mind that nothing is official yet, and the game might not even be announced for the next 1.5-2 years.

Source: JVL

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