Is Tekken X Street Fighter Somehow Still Alive?

Street Fighter x Tekken has launched nearly a decade ago, and its partner is still yet to be seen… but does it make sense to wait for it?

So Katsuhiro Harada, the creator of Tekken, is running a series on YouTube, called Harada’s Bar. In the newest episode, he is chatting with Kouhei Ikeda, the director of Tekken 7. They say that they have been working hard on the project, and they got roughly 30% of the game complete, and they wish they could show the models they made for the characters and such.

Harada and Ikeda both claim that characters, such as Chun-Li and Dhalsim, have looked great when making the jump from 2D to 3D (as a reminder, Street Fighter is a 2D fighting game, while Tekken is working with the third dimension as well, and this made the crossover of the two franchises interesting, but most female characters have taken the „dimensional challenge” nicely. „We wish we could show them to you eventually, but Street Fighter belongs to Capcom so we can’t do it on our own,” they said. (And since they work for Bandai Namco, their comment makes perfect sense.)

Harada however had to write a Twitlonger to explain that this comment was somewhat lost in translation. The English subtitles, available on the video, referred to Tekken x Street Fighter as a dead game, but the terminology should be „pending” or „paused” instead. „You can see that the original Japanese and English subtitles give a very different impression, so people who can hear Japanese are not particularly interested in this topic,” he wrote.

In 2016, Tekken x Street Fighter was officially put on hold, and then, Harada’s team was working on Tekken 7, which became such a success that in 2019, he had to say that this crossover „was becoming increasingly difficult to justify.”

Source: PCGamer

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