„Abandoned”: Nuare Enters The Party [VIDEO]

Aside from Blue Box Game Studios, another studio is developing the game, which is likely NOT going to be called Abandoned (which is why we use „ and ” in the title).

Hasan Kahraman, who recently revealed himself, isn’t alone in developing this mysterious game. Blue Box Game Studios (whose name will not be stylized the way they write it…) announced that Nuare (who also had their Caps Lock on) is also involved in the game’s development. It is an outsourcing studio, meaning they can get hired to do certain tasks.

They have worked together with multiple AAA titles, including Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Sucker Punch (who are rumoured to develop a standalone expansion of Ghost of Tsushima…), Naughty Dog (who might be developing a standalone Factions mode of The Last of Us Part II), and… Kojima Productions. Hmmm…

Leo Enin, the founder of Nuare, states in the video embedded above that Kahraman „asked [them] to film a short introduction video” to explain the studio’s role in the development of „Abandoned.” He then explains that they are all „real people with names” that are working hard to bring people the „best possible experience.”

Nuare is based in Ontario, Canada, and it’s made up of „over 70 industry professionals” that have worked on different triple-A titles and with many companies. The studio specializes in making art assets, and their history can be found on their website.

Abandoned (or whatever the name of the game will be..) should be getting its PlayStation 5 app (where you can play the trailers real-time) today, and it’s still a thing we can’t comprehend: how come Sony hasn’t used it for an EXCLUSIVE INTERNAL DEVELOPMENT, such as Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart? Why is a seemingly small, indie title becoming the first game to ever use this function?

Source: PSL

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