Xbox Series X Versus PlayStation 5: The Two Consoles’ SSD Are Head-To-Head [VIDEO]

A comparison video puts the Xbox Series X against the PlayStation 5 to see how fast the consoles, as well as their NVMe M.2 SSDs, can be.


The two consoles launched in November last year, although due to lack of stocks, it wasn’t easy to find them on the store shelves, and it might still be a problem for the rest of the year. Still, many multiplatform games have been showcased to see how fast they load on the two new consoles, but now, it’s a different comparison by ElAnalistaDelBits. It compares the consoles and their respective SSDs.


The comparison video touches upon multiple subjects. How do the next-gen Sony and Microsoft console work within their respective operating systems? How much time is required to install a game from a Blu-ray disc? How much time is needed to fire up a game? How fast is the uninstalling process? These aren’t subjects you would necessarily think about in comparison, as these are natural processes of using a console.

Still. the Xbox Series’ Quick Resume function deserves applause. Microsoft’s console is ahead of Sony’s in terms of launching games and rebooting them, so these aspects put the Xbox Series X in a good spotlight. However, if you install a game from a Blu-ray disc on your PlayStation 5 Standard Edition (as the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition omits the drive…), it will be faster than on an Xbox Series X, although the console in question was also dealing with updates.

Resident Evil: Village and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla were used for measuring start times. Sony’s console won in both cases, but comparing the quick resume option on the two consoles aren’t fair. Sony uses a different method than Microsoft: the PlayStation 5 interface uses Activity Cards to jump right back in the game at select points, whereas the Quick Resume feature on Microsoft’s console suspends up to five game instances in the SSD – players can only suspend one title on PS5. Quick Resume is faster on Xbox Series X when playing multiplatform titles.

What an interesting comparison!

Source: WCCFTech

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