Redfall: Arkane Austin Gets Help By id Software

Arkane Austin didn’t rest much after launching Prey in 2017, but the studio isn’t alone in working on this Left 4 Dead-styled vampire game.


Redfall is thus going to be a cooperative shooter game, and it was revealed during Microsoft‘s and Bethesda’s joint E3 press conference, and out of nowhere, as we haven’t even heard much of it before its reveal. The game is set to arrive next year, which confirms that Redfall has indeed been on the workbench for quite some time. As with Guerrilla Games, as well as Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (we discussed this duo the other day), LinkedIn is once again the page that reveals further details.

Francisco Cruz III’s profile needs to be mentioned here. He an environment artist at Arkane Austin, and this discovery was made by Timur222 (who happens to notice a few things regarding Microsoft): the full-scale development started a couple of months after the launch of Prey: Mooncrash (which came out in June 2018). So if we count with a late 2022 launch, Redfall will have at least four years of a game development cycle, which doesn’t sound bad, but seeing how the game’s concept existed when Prey, the base game, was released in 2017, we can even go and say five years.

However, Arkane Austin has a partner in crime, as id Software helps the team. (And since they have released Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods recently, they have time to do so…) Again, LinkedIn is what reveals the link: id Software’s animator, Jeff Senita, is working on Redfall at the moment.

Redfall is one of the games that lost their multiplatform approach after Microsoft stepped in (Starfield being another title!), so it’s not going to get a PlayStation 5 version in 2022. Instead, look for it on Xbox Series and PC.

Source: WCCFTech

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