Don’t expect GTA 6 before 2025: Schreier Backs Rumors About Development, Setting and Protagonists

The idea of ​​a small map but with expansions is reinforced for the new instalment of the Grand Theft Auto saga.


There are not a few players who already yearn for the announcement of Grand Theft Auto VI, after all the latest instalment of the successful franchise dates back almost eight years. However, recent information from several industry knowledgeable sources states that its launch could be further away than we thought, also providing some details of Rockstar’s ingenuity for its production.

Specifically, it is information from insider Tom Henderson corroborated by journalist Jason Schreier and the VGC portal that places the launch of the Take-Two subsidiary’s open-world action video game between 2024 and 2025. The reason for this long delay? Apart from the obvious success of GTA Online and GTA V, reports explain that Rockstar has opted for a new approach to work, something already confirmed, after harsh criticism for the development of Red Dead Redemption 2.

This work plan would also entail betting on a somewhat more modest map compared to previous deliveries, but with the ability to be expanded later. This is already known information from 2020 when Schreier himself assured that the new GTA would be smaller than usual, but with expansion plans.

Henderson adds in his report a few days ago, not first picked up by 3DJuegos, that Vice City will be the city where Grand Theft Auto 6 takes place although, unlike previous instalments of the series located in this city inspired by Miami, it will be bet for a more contemporary timeline in the line of GTA 5. In addition, as in the fifth numerical instalment of the open-world saga, there will be several protagonists, one of them being a woman with certain computer skills.

At the moment Rockstar has not commented anything about this information, but as we said it has been corroborated by Jason Schreier and sources from VGC. The current Bloomberg journalist, on the other hand, has used the occasion to deny that he claimed that the video game could be available in 2023, a forecast made before we suffered the scourge of the pandemic in the spring of last year.

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