Nintendo Switch: Even The OLED Model Will Come With The Drifting Joy-Cons

Despite a hardware revision, the detachable controllers will still have the issue that might happen to some players.


NintendoLife reported that the Nintendo Switch OLED version, which we discussed the other day when it got announced, will indeed have some minor updates (7″ OLED display, a 0.8″ plus, double the internal storage due to having 64 GB, a wider stand, and the dock will have an Ethernet port), but it will still have the Joy-Cons that are suspect to drifting, meaning the analogue sticks might „go one direction on their own.”

It might not be the best idea, as there was a class-action lawsuit filed against Nintendo in the United States, which led to the big N offer free Joy-Con repairs (except for the shipping, which does cost some money). But now, we also hear that this OLED model of the hybrid platform could be a smokescreen by Nintendo. Takashi Mochizuki of Bloomberg has updated his article about the new Switch model, quoting Serkan Toto, an industry analyst.

„This new Switch looks more like an interim model than a real upgrade to me. This might just be a dummy upgrade until [The Legend of Zelda:] Breath Of The Wild 2 is ready and the component shortage is over next year,” he said. The game’s name is not revealed yet due to spoilers, keep that in mind (so it will be something else).

VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb tweeted, „I still have only ever personally heard 2022 for a Switch Pro, and if that still happens, I’ll continue to speculate that will have 4K output with a significantly more efficient chip with DLSS.” DLSS stands for Nvidia’s Deep Learning SuperSampling technology.

We’ll see. The Nintendo Switch OLED will launch on October 8 for 350 dollars.

Source: iFixit, WCCFTech

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