Two Games Receive An Unexpected Next-Gen Patch! [VIDEO]

One of them at least got an official statement by the developers, revealing that they have indeed released a next-gen, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series patch.


However, let’s start with the title that the dev team (Eidos Montreal) secretly tuned up. Shadow of the Tomb Raider launched in the autumn of 2018, and this was the final instalment of the reboot trilogy, featuring Lara Croft’s origin story. Square Enix didn’t say a single letter about a next-gen patch, but on the ResetEra forums, a user revealed that the game got a patch, 2.01.

This patch introduced „support for 4K at high frame rate on PlayStation 5 in High-Resolution mode.” What about Microsoft? At the same time, Shadow of the Tomb Raider got the official ‘Optimized for Xbox Series S|X’ badge on the Microsoft/Xbox Store. In the embedded video below, you can see the game running on 4K at sixty frames per second with HDR.

At least the other game, Sniper Elite 4, which was released in February 2017, got official confirmation by Rebellion that they worked on a next-gen upgrade for it: „Available to download now the update delivers gorgeous visuals up to 4K on next-gen, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, super smooth 60 frames per second gameplay and greatly improved load times, making this the definitive Sniper Elite 4 experience.

Sniping has never looked better. The increased frame rate ensures super-smooth gameplay enabling you to pull off even better shots. You can then view the results in the series-defining kill cam in glorious detail, up to 4K, with enhanced contrast sharpening,” Rebellion wrote. They also put up an official video for it.

Source: WCCFTech

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