DOOM Slayers Collection with DOOM 64 arrives on Nintendo Switch

DOOM 64 was already featured in DOOM Eternal for Nintendo Switch, so many of you have it, but the 2016 release is a new addition.


QuakeCon 2021 brought with it some exciting announcements, including the anniversary release of Skyrim and a remaster of the original Quake. DOOM wasn’t as big a bang this year, but it hasn’t been completely forgotten, as the DOOM Slayers Collection is coming to Nintendo Switch, with an additional title that isn’t included in the other bundle versions.

The DOOM Slayers Collection is a selection of various titles from the series, released in 2019. It includes DOOM, DOOM II, DOOM 3 and DOOM (2016). However, this Nintendo Switch version also includes DOOM 64, so you get a total of 5 games with one purchase.


DOOM: Eternal - The brutal DOOM Eternal has not missed the appointment with E3 2019, showing not only a fantastic narrative trailer but also an extensive video gameplay that lets us see how frantic, bloody and spectacular it promises to be the new Id Software shooting game .


The other game is a nice touch, but by the way, DOOM 64 was already included as a gift with the purchase of DOOM Eternal for Nintendo Switch, so many fans of the franchise probably already have it in their library. There was no reason to leave it out of the collection, but it’s not hard to get, given that DOOM 64 is already available on multiple platforms.

This is how the trilogy was advertised back in the day:



DOOM 64 was originally released for Nintendo 64 in 1997. Many years later, the game was re-released for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch, but with several performance improvements and a new episode that served as an epilogue to the original story.

Source: EuroGamer

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