PlayStation Studios’ Boss Wants More Fiercely Daring Games

Let’s say Hermen Hulst, the head of PlayStation Studios, was chosen as a role model, but his statement cannot be changed afterwards.


The boss of PlayStation Studios gave a lengthy interview to Game Informer, in which he revealed that the studios that work under him should follow examples such as God of War’s new direction, or Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part II‘s narrative structure (don’t worry, we don’t get it either).

“I encourage our teams to be fiercely daring in their choices, and they are, but it also means that I have to back them. I think that our teams have been courageous, and that that’s not just with entire franchise pivots, but it’s also going into Norse mythology on God of War, it’s The Last of Us Part II’s narrative structure and creating an experience that is incredibly compelling but not necessarily comfortable for the player at all times.

I back that; I want us to push the envelope and seek the boundaries of our medium and storytelling’s state of the art. I think that is why we do what we do with PlayStation. I want the games to be both bigger and smaller and in different genres,” Hulst said, pointing towards the PlayStation 5‘s launch lineup as an example of the variety. He also said that Sony has many more projects in the works that it hasn’t announced yet.

He should have picked more understandable examples, but we’re curious to hear what the “blue team” is preparing for us. They will possibly dip more into the free-to-play market, and The Last of Us Part II’s rumoured (and recently discussed) battle royale mode could be one of these moves. We should be patient.

Source: PSL

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