PlayStation Plus: A Game That Will Not Be In September’s Line Up!

A developer has stood in front of the rumours, outright claiming that the game from the team isn’t going to be available for the PlayStation Plus subscribers.


On Twitter, Bloober Team confirmed its upcoming PlayStation 5 port of The Medium that has been available for several months on PC and Xbox Series would not be included in the September list of PlayStation Plus titles. The game is launching on September 3 on Sony’s console, which is a Friday. However, Sony tends to swap the games to the next month’s list during the first Tuesday of the month, which entirely rules out the dual world title.

The rumour recently about PlayStation Plus was that aside from the now-debunked The Medium, the subscribers would get Haven and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 on PlayStation 4. Still, we have to wait one more week to see official details, as those will be unveiled on September 1 (and we had had another month this year when it happened on the first day of the month).

Shortly, the new PlayStation 5 model will be available throughout the world after it was first confirmed via a product manual from Japan in July. The currently available consoles have the CFI-1XXX model names, but the revised consoles come with CFI-11XX. Press Start reports that these consoles are now available for sale (which is rare due to the lack of components…) in Australia. In July, only the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition was confirmed to be updated. Still, given how the Australian site showed photos of the console with the Blu-ray drive and the updated model code, both PlayStation 5 versions went through a revision.

What has changed? The console is 300 grams lighter (we don’t know yet why), but the base of the console is modified. Instead of a screw that needs a screwdriver, the screw is now a thumbscrew, making Sony come one step closer to Microsoft (while still being miles away: the Xbox Series X has no base, and you can just tilt it horizontally if you desire).

Let’s be patient. The updated PlayStation 5s will be sold shortly (and these hardware revisions are typical).

Source: PSL, PSL

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