Control’s publisher admits they mishandled the game’s next-gen console update

505 Games says Control‘s update process could have been better managed.


You may remember the controversy surrounding Remedy Entertainment‘s latest game Control’s update to the PS5 and Xbox series. This caused quite an uproar among fans of the game, especially those who had purchased the title and supported it from launch. Now 505 Games, its publisher, admits that they may not have done the right thing.

As a reminder, users could upgrade for free to the PS5 and Xbox Series X Control Ultimate Edition, the latest version of the game, which includes two expansions. The standard version of the game, which was available for a year, did not benefit from this update, and you had to buy the full version if you wanted to enjoy the adventure at no extra cost. It was a real mess.



Neil Ralley, president of 505 Games, now admits that “perhaps they didn’t handle the situation well” and that they could have handled it better. “Any transition from one generation to the challenges of the next present for both development and publishing,” Ralley told Gamesindustry.

“With Control, we made some decisions that limited the use of Smart Delivery for the next-generation version of Control. They were the right decisions at the time, but they caused these problems. We couldn’t go back and restructure the way we developed Ultimate Edition to make it a reasonable and fair way to use Smart Delivery.

We are confident that both the publisher and the studio have learned lessons for the future. Remedy has several projects in the pipeline. Don’t forget to check out our review of Control too.


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