Rick and Morty – Live-Action Ad with Back to the Future Star!

The season finale of Rick and Morty Season 5 is upon us, and Adult Swim has been showing some unique ads, but this one takes the cake.


Rick and Morty Season 5 has been a wild ride, but sadly it will end on the 5th of September, and then we will have to wait the usual year or two before the Sixth season starts. In order to build up for this Season Finale’s hype, we get a very special Ad from Adult Swim with none other than Christopher Llyod of Back to the Future Trilogy fame, who played Doctor Emmett Brown.

The season finale is sure to go out with a bang as the show went on hiatus after Episode 8 for a month, and Adult Swim is hyping up the event, which will be a two-episode closure for Season 5. Based on how this season went, it will surely be full of twists and revelations once again.

The ad is only a 14-second ad, and it looks to be a shorter tease for a more extended ad, but who knows maybe unfortunately, this is all we might be getting in the form of this Live Action Ad:


Rick and Morty is available on Adult Swim in the USA, and various streaming services Internationally.

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