Fallout 76 Season 6 Roadmap Revealed

Fallout 76 is still chugging along nicely, and while the development and release of the game were controversial, Bethesda has not abandoned the game, still providing massive updates to it.


Season 6 of Fallout 76 is starting on the 8th of September 2021. It will offer a host of new challenges, rewards, new features as these get usually released at the start of a season and new NPC allies.

Daily OPS Expansion II, and finally, private servers are coming to Fallout 76 under the Fallout Worlds section of the update. Also, after the start of the season, October and November are packed with special weekly events, such as Halloween-themed, double XP, and Bonus Challenge, plus events will give out more resources.

However, there does not seems to be any new major quest lines added after the Brotherhood of Steel’s update, so if you were hoping for some epic new quests being added, unfortunately, you’ll be in for a bit of a disappointment. That type of content will come in Fallout 76’s Pitt Expedition which is slated for some time next year in 2022.

Season 7 is also confirmed to start in December and will kick off with The Winter Update. Not much is known about Season 7, but it will have new four-star legendary weapons, plus other quality of life features, that Bethesda will announce closer to the start of Season 7.

Source: Twitter

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