Ghostwire: Tokyo  – New Trailer and Launches in 2022 Spring

Ghostwire: Tokyo is Tango GameWorks latest game that has been in development for a long time, and while it is Action game, it still has horroristic elements.


The game takes place in present-day Tokyo, where suddenly the population disappears due to cultists of the Hannaya unleash a fog that makes the population vanish. Akito survives the attack and teams up with a vengeful spirit to defeat the Hannaya cultists and also the new monsters that have invaded Tokyo called The Visitors.

The Visitors are all based on famous Japanese horror stories and folklore stories (such as the Tall Lady scene in the cutscene), plus the gameplay the main character does not have guns or grenades but instead was inspired by Kuji-Kiri and martial arts. This allows the game to be more movement-based, like Doom but with magic and hand gestures. It also looks pretty vertical as you can use a grappling hook-like device to go on top of buildings.

The story and the visuals are also look trippy, plus it has a unique feel to it. The best game I can compare it to is Remedy’s Control, except this game will be open world and a first-person action game. The PlayStation version will feature RayTracing, Haptic Feedback for the controller and fast loading times thanks to the PlayStation 5

See the trailer below:

Ghostwire: Tokyo will launch for PlayStation 5 and PC in spring 2022


Source: PlayStation Blog

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