God of War Ragnarok: new mechanics, scenarios and extras

Ragnarok director Eric Williams told the 3DJuegos team about the new exploration mechanics.


During the new God of War Ragnarok trailer shown at the recent PlayStation Showcase, people noticed some new mechanics that were not present in the 2018 title. In an interview with the 3DJuegos team, Eric Williams, the director of the new game, talked about these new additions and other changes to the world of Ragnarok.

Starting with the sledge we all saw in the trailer, Williams said, “The sledge is a necessity. If you saw where it was in the video, it was the Lake of Nine, and it was completely frozen in the winter cold.” Williams continued, “It’s a very interesting way to cross the lake, and I think the environment feels new again because we spend a lot of time in the boat.”



The sledge won’t be the only new thing. As Williams said about Lake of Nine, the sections are going through changes to feel fresh, even if they are the same ones we visited in the 2018 episode. “There’s going to be a lot of snow, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to see snow everywhere,” Williams mentioned.

Another detail seen in the video is the use of hooked swords, and Williams said that while this is something that has been explored in the past, he wanted to see how it would work in this episode. “They’re not just for movement,” he said, “because you’ll be able to use them in combat. I’m very excited to see how they will inspire players.”

Further details highlighted during the interview reveal Cory Barlog’s role in God of War Ragnarok and why the Nordic saga decided to end with this game.

Source: 3djuegos

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